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Ready to Earn Your Tags at the Marcus Graham Project?- By Mikaela Maxwell

“Earn your Tags” is the call for those who want to show they have what it takes to be in the advertising industry. The Marcus Graham Project is back again for the 6th year with their ICR8 Boot Camp. It’s training time Creatives! For one summer, boot camp participants are immersed into an agency-like experience where they are assigned roles in Brand Management, Account planning, Social Media Strategy, Public Relations, Digital/Interactive Design, Copywriting, and Art Direction. They create their own boutique agency, serving as consultants to real-life clients and are guided by industry leaders. 

Previous trainees collectively agree that the MGP ICR8 bootcamp has made a strategic difference in their lives, given many of them a sense of direction, and prepared them for success.

The Marcus Graham Project has a two-fold purpose: To provide the advertising industry with a diverse qualified pool of talent to choose from;  and secondly, to provide young creatives, with an interest in advertising, an opportunity for on-the-job training, industry exposure, and experience.

Black Creatives is proud to support the work of the Marcus Graham Project and it's Co-Founder, Lincoln Stephens. Aspiring Black Creatives, are you ready to “Earn your Tags”?

Apply by Feb 21,2014 for this year’s program at

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