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Aaron and Samantha Charles

Co-Founders at The Charles Agency

Aaron and Samantha Charles are the co-founders of the NYC-based Charles Agency with offices in London and Chicago. They lead strategy, operations and creative direction at this boutique agency with top-tier clients including Sixty Hotels, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Cartier, Ellen Tracey, Met Life and other luxury brands.

Corwin Stone

Global Creative Director

Corwin is the Global Creative Director of User Experience and Design at Active Network, responsible for the corporate brand, product design, prototyping, and design of the mobile applications that serve more than 35,000 customers and more than 100 million transactions annually.

Delanie A. West

Product Design Executive and Creative Director

Delanie is a global creative executive with over 10 years of product development, packaging, design & creative global sourcing. Delanie formerly led the creative teams for AW Faber-Castell, Creativity for Kids, known for leading premium brands in the adult, children and student art & craft and toy segments.

Kimberly Seals Allers

Author, Journalist and Advisor

Kimberly Seals Allers is an award-winning journalist that has written for Essence Magazine, Fortune and the NY Post. She is the author of the Big Let Down — How Medicine, Big Business & Feminism Undermine Breastfeeding, and the President and Chief Health Communicator at Shift Health Communication Strategy.

Shani Sandy

Executive Creative Director at S&P Global

Shani is the Executive Creative Director of S&P Global, a leading financial services firm based in NYC, playing a major role in their rebrand. She holds an MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and plays an active role advancing diversity and inclusion in the creative industries.

Reginald Christian

Founder and CEO at Black Creatives

Reginald is the Founder and CEO of Black Creatives (2008) combining over 25 years of experience in creative direction, branding, visual design, UX/UI, content development and mentorship. He also leads strategic partnerships with companies focused on hiring diverse creative talent.